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104.1 Letter Combinations

This task requires students to read multisyllabic words containing ai and ay letter combinations.  Students are not asked to identify the letter combination or its sound before reading the word.

104.4 Patterns -VCe

This is the first task in which students will read multisyllabic words (in a serif font) that are a mix of -VCe pattern words and non-VCe pattern words.

104.5 Word Reading

104.6 Story Reading

The New Passage in this task contains the word notepad, but it is rendered as two separate words instead of a single compound word.  This is strategic.  Later in the curriculum, after you teach a certain type of -VCe derivative, the word will be rendered as a compound (notepad).  By that time it will be less difficult for students to read it because they will have read note pad several times.  This will help students by providing a gentler “on-ramp” to compound words containing internal -VCe patterns.