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41.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /sh/ as in shy.

41.3 The Slow-Fast Game

This is the first task that uses the /ŋ/ sound before a k (in the word Frank).

When n comes before k, we pronounce /ŋ/ and then /k/.  This is different from when n comes before g.  In that case, we only pronounce /ŋ/ with no /g/ afterward.  (Exceptions can occur when more sounds follow the g, like in the word finger.)

Remember, to make the /ŋ/ sound, prepare to make the sound /g/, but instead of popping the tongue down, hold it in place, and make a voiced, continuous sound.

41.4 Word Reading

The final part of this task returns to reading words with no symbols beneath the sounds, but, this time, students don’t say the word simultaneously with the instructor before they attempt it on their own.

Ensure that the students touch beneath each sound as they say the sounds, exactly as they would if there were dots beneath each sound.

41.5 Story Reading

41.6 Writing