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49.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /v/ as in leave.

49.3 The Slow-Fast Game

This task returns to segmenting and blending words that begin with triple-consonant blends. This time, however, the instructor will not tell students the words before saying them slowly, and the instructor will not say them slowly with the students before students try on their own. That begins with the second word in the task, scram.

49.4 Word Reading

The final part of this task introduces reading words with initial consonant blends when there are no symbols beneath the words.

49.5 Story Reading

This task introduces students to following along with their finger as the instructor reads aloud.

When you do the fluent model reading, read the passage with expression but slowly enough to pronounce all of the sounds clearly.  

If the student’s finger gets out of sync with your reading, restart that sentence, and help the student find the right place to touch.

49.6 Writing