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62.3 Irregulars

This is the first time students read these rhyming irregular words without you reminding them about what they rhyme with.

Students don’t have to read these words the slow way, but they may.  Only correct them if they make an error while reading these words the fast way.

62.4 Word Reading

This is the first Word Reading task in which none of the words that students read have symbols beneath them. 

Some students will read some words the fast way first, which is great.

Other students will still read them the slow way first, which is fine.  Just make sure that they also read each word the fast way before you give them the example sentence.

In this part of the task, students will re-read certain words in a regular serif font after they read them in the specialized orthography.

If the student struggles with not having the letter combinations (ar, ch, and er) visibly connected, say: Remember, these two letters work together to make a different sound. My turn to make the sound… Your turn to make the sound… Try the word again…

62.5 Story Reading

62.6 Writing