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94.1 Letter Combinations

This task requires students to read words that contain ee and ea letter combinations and that also contain consonant blends. Students are not asked to identify the letter combination or its sound before reading the word.

94.2 Review

This task introduces the concept of capital letters.

Many students will have already learned these from outside of this curriculum, so—in many cases—the tasks in this series will move very quickly.

94.3 Patterns -VCe

This task requires students to read minimally different pairs of CVC and CVCe pattern words in a serif font. The only difference between the words in each pair is that one will have a silent e that makes us read the previous vowel’s name.

94.4 Irregulars

This is the first time that students read these rhyming irregular words in a serif font instead of in the specialized orthography.

94.5 Word Reading

94.6 Story Reading