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August 2023 Calendar

Hot. Sticky. Sweltering. Humid. Just a few words that describe your typical day in the month of August. You’ll want to find the nearest swimming pool, beach, or shaded hammock to keep cool while enjoying the last few weeks of summer break. 

People have often referred to these as the “dog days” of summer, but have you ever wondered where that phrase came from? Well, if you’ve ever watched a dog sitting in the shade on a hot day, panting and sleepy, you’d think that’s where the phrase originated. However, people have been calling the summer days “dog days” for centuries dating back to – you guessed it – ancient Rome. The Romans noticed that during the summer, the sun and the star Sirius could be found in the same area of the sky. Sirius is a very bright star that is part of the Canis Major constellation, which depicts one of Orion’s hunting dogs. While they incorrectly thought Sirius gave off extra heat that combined with the sun, they were right about one thing: seeing the “dog star” Sirius meant that the hottest days of the year were upon them! 

Like July, August is named after a Roman emperor. Augustus Caesar was the great-nephew and heir of Julius Caesar. He is known as the first emperor of Rome, having completed the transformation his great-uncle started from a republic to an empire. Historians credit Augustus with establishing a firm base for a 200-year period of peace (called the Pax Romana), expanding the size of the Roman Empire, and creating institutions for the public good – notably a postal service, road network, and the Vigiles – an ancient fire department! 

The birthstone of August is the peridot, a green gem that might remind you of an emerald except that emeralds tend to be a darker, deeper green whereas the peridot is a bit lighter, has a yellowish tint, and looks a bit more like glass. Peridot forms from magma in the earth’s mantle and reaches the surface through volcanic eruptions. Unlike some other gemstones, peridot only ever comes in green due to its unique formation. It has long been associated with fortune and material wealth. 

The flower of August is the gladiolus. Gladiolus come in many colors and have many blooms bursting forth from each stem. Named after the Roman word for sword – the gladius – people often think of personal integrity when considering the meaning of the gladiolus. This makes sense in a way because the blooms die off quickly, but the plant regrows them many times. Similarly, a person with integrity must withstand a lot of difficulties and come back stronger than before. It’s almost as if the gladiolus has heard the saying, “fall down seven times, get up eight.”

August FAQ

How many days are in August?

There are 31 days in August. With July, that’s two months in a row with 31 days! 

How many school days are in August?

This will vary, as some districts get back to school in early to mid-August, while others won’t begin until after Labor Day in September. 

What are some month-long observances in August?

  • Children’s Vision and Learning Month
  • National Immunization Awareness Month

What are some major events in August?

  • August 1: National Night Out

What are some major sporting events in August?

  • August 16 – 27: Little League World Series
  • August 27: Start of the NCAA Division I FBS football season 
  • August 28 – September 10: US Open Tennis Championships

What are some good lesson plans for August?

Here are over 3,000 lesson plans for August. 

How can I motivate my students in August?

It’s back to school time for a lot of students. This is a good time to plan for ways to get to know your new students. While ice-breaker games and activities have their place, now might be a good time for you to think about how to make more meaningful connections with your students so that they will be excited to enter your classroom every single day. The old saying is that “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” so whatever you decide to do, remember that students will not have the capacity to absorb a new curriculum unless they feel safe, accepted, and valued in your classroom. It will take some thoughtful planning to get them to that point. 

Can I download and print this August classroom calendar for my students?

Please do! We hope they will enjoy it.