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May 2024 Calendar

Have you ever lain back against a soft, grassy hillside and looked up at the stars? It can be difficult to see them sometimes, thanks to the light pollution of the cities and suburbs. But if you can find a way to get some distance from the city – perhaps while camping at a state park – you’ll find many opportunities for stargazing. The Eta Aquarids is a meteor shower that one can look forward to every year. Unlike other meteor events like the Leonids, Perseids, or Geminids, the Eta Aquarids meteors appear at a slow and steady rate for over a week (usually in the days surrounding May 5). This slow and steady, almost relaxed, meteor shower really exemplifies the spirit of May – relaxed, casual, and occasionally brilliant. 

The month of May is the final month of spring, with the warm weather settling in before ramping up to the next hot summer. Named after Maia, the goddess of growth, May is perhaps the most beautiful and comfortable month out of the year, thanks to the plentiful flowers and fair weather. 

The flower of May is the sweet smelling, bell-shaped lily of the valley. The lily of the valley is often associated with youth and happiness. But be careful to only smell and look at them, for every part of this flower is poisonous and can cause severe illness if eaten. 

The gemstone of May is the emerald, which is thought to symbolize foresight, the ability to look ahead to the future and make good plans. This seems fitting for a month like May where many of us slow down a bit to reflect while also making big plans for the summer. 


How many days are in May?

There are 31 days in May. 

How many school days are in May?

Most schools will take the day off for Memorial Day. Some school districts are wrapping up the school year by the end of May, while others go on well into June. 

What are some month-long observances in May?

  • ALS Awareness Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • Haitian Heritage Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month

What are the major holidays in May?

  • May 4: Star Wars Day – May the 4th Be with You
  • May 5: Cinco de Mayo
  • May 12: Mother’s Day
  • May 27: Memorial Day

What are the major sporting events in May?

  • May 28: The Indianapolis 500

What are good lesson plans for May?

Here are over 120,000 lesson plans for May. 

How can I motivate my students in May?

As the school year winds down, use this time to express appreciation and gratitude. Holidays like Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day remind us to celebrate those who made sacrifices for us. I am sure your students will want to show their gratitude for their teachers, and teachers will want to do the same for their students, so that the year can end on a positive note. 

Can I download and print this May classroom calendar for my students?

Yes, absolutely! Please enjoy.