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21.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /th/ as in father.  This sound should be voiced.  Do not say the unvoiced /th/ as in think.

This is the first digraph (one sound written with two letters) taught in this curriculum, but do not talk about individual letters when introducing this sound. Now is not the time to talk about t or h or even to say the word letter.

21.5 Word Reading

This task introduces the fact that the can be pronounced in two acceptable ways: /thē/ and /thŭh/.

Fist and raft are the first words that students will read with four distinct sounds. They also have the first consonant blends that students will read. You may need to model the sounds more times than you usually do and let the student have more tries than they usually need.

21.6 Story Reading

21.7 Writing

This task introduces students to writing their first digraph.

Even though the t and the h are tied together in this specialized font, you should write them as separate characters, just as the red lines indicate.