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26.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /l/ as in lie.

26.3 The Slow-Fast Game

This task returns to segmenting and blending words that have initial consonant blends (of two continuous phonemes) but this time with final stop phonemes.

26.4 Rhyming

This is the first rhyming task with three distinct onsets.

In this task, the onsets are /r/, /s/, and /m/.  All words will rhyme with /ŏk/.

26.5 Word Reading

This is the first task in which students read a two-syllable word. In this case, the instructor models it for the student first. The word is Aliss (which rhymes with malice). This is an uncommon spelling of a common name, but it was chosen carefully to be the first two-syllable word that students read: it only has sounds that the students have learned so far, it has simple syllables, it has no stop sounds, and it will be read often because it will be the name of a new character in the story.

26.6 Finger Tracking

This task introduces finger tracking without an arrow indicating the transition from one line to the next.

26.7 Story Reading

This is the first Story Reading task that has no arrows between the lines of text.

This is the first time that students are asked to count sentences.  If they need help, model tracking your finger (without reading) until you find a period and count that sentence.  After counting the third sentence, do it together by guiding them hand-over-hand.  Then ask them to do that on their own.

From now on, Story Reading tasks will include a passage to re-read and a new passage. In each cycle, students will re-read a passage from the previous cycle, examine an illustration that they saw in the previous cycle, read a new passage, and then see a new illustration.