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78.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /ks/ as in six.

It is actually a combination of two sounds: the initial stop sound /k/ and then a continuous sound /sss/, which is why there is a dot beneath it.

Like with all other continuous sounds, hold this one for two seconds.

78.3 Patterns -VCe

In this task, you continue teaching students about -VCe words. 

In this cycle, the earlier vowel in all of the words is o, so the silent e will always change the sound from /ŏ/ to /ō/.

78.4 Similar Sounds

Pronounce every n in this task as /ŋ/.

You don’t need to pronounce the /g/ at the end of sing, sang, or song, but you will pronounce the /k/ at the end of sink, sank, and sunk.

78.5 Word Reading

78.6 Story Reading