Once is featured on Transcend's Innovative Models Exchange!

Once is proud to be featured on Transcend's Innovative Models Exchange!

Despite innovation across nearly every sector of society, a one-size-fits all approach has governed mainstream schooling in America for more than a century. Identifying and sharing learning models are key to spreading innovative approaches to learning. The Innovative Models Exchange is designed for communities inspired to innovate but who don’t want to reinvent the wheel—it helps them learn and borrow from amazing innovations created by communities across the country.

We are proud that our model is among the inaugural set of innovative designs included in the Exchange. Along with Transcend, we invite school communities to engage with this free library of innovative models that can be implemented locally. The Exchange also seeks additional innovative models to add to the platform.

Visit The Innovative Models Exchange and begin your journey to innovation. Read more about The Innovative Models Exchange in these stories from The 74 and EdSurge.

About Transcend

Transcend is a national nonprofit that supports school communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments. The organization was founded on a belief that we must reimagine schooling, using a community-driven approach, so all children can realize their infinite potential. Transcend pursues its mission by partnering directly with schools on design journeys while also sharing powerful models, tools, and insights across the sector. To date, Transcend has worked directly with hundreds of schools and leaders in over 30 states, and has influenced thousands more. Ultimately, Transcend strives to fuel significant leaps in education so all young people can thrive in and transform the world.

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