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Earlier this month, researcher Dr. Rachel Schechter, founder of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research, attended the IDA 2023 Annual Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference in Columbus, OH.  The conference connects a global network of researchers, educators, and families to understand better all that’s happening in the field of dyslexia.  

Dr. Schechter shared her work studying the Impact of Once on Kindergarten Reading Growth during the 2022-2023 school year.  While Once’s work does not focus specifically on students with dyslexia, we believe the program can support a wide variety of learners. Decades of research have shown the efficacy of reading interventions in the early grades, compared to much weaker outcomes for later attempts at remediation after learning disabilities such as dyslexia are typically identified.

Dr. Schechter attended all three days of the conference and had a chance to connect with leaders from around the country, such as Donna Hejtmanek, founder of the Science of Reading - What I Should Have Learned in College Facebook page, as well as Nadine Gaab, Associate Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (where Dr. Schechter got her master’s degree). Key areas of focus highlighted at the conference included the importance of identifying students at risk for learning difficulties and providing intervention and prevention services for students showing signs of struggle during early elementary school. Another conference theme was resilience for struggling readers and how relationships can support students as they work towards their literacy goals.  Once’s model was a straightforward solution for many pain points and needs of schools working toward improving their literacy outcomes. 

Visitors to the poster session recognized the value of a scripted curriculum and weekly coaching.  Many cameras scanned the QR code to read the full paper and check the website to learn more about Once.

See her report and the full study here.

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