Once Selected as Arkansas-Approved Tutoring Vendor

We’re pleased to share that Once was selected as an Arkansas-Approved Tutoring Vendor!  Once was approved for "In-Person Only, K-1, 1:1, High-Dosage Tutoring" that occurs during the school day anywhere in Arkansas. Companies and organizations submitted applications to the state in response to the passage of legislation in support of high-dosage tutoring in Arkansas schools.  

The criteria for selection stated that programs must have: 

  • Employees trained in the science of reading;
  • A valid teaching certificate in either elementary education or reading or Baccalaureate or graduate degrees in education English, or another subject area indicative of expertise in reading and literacy or
  • Evidence-based digital literacy applications or software programs that are in alignment with the science of reading.

We’re happy to see the state recognize the importance and potential impact of accessible and rigorous high-dosage tutoring.  We’ve worked hard to ensure that the Once curriculum is aligned to state standards.

We’re proud to be an approved tutoring vendor, and we look forward to serving students in Arkansas and across the country.

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