The Art Show — Cycle 89+


The Art Show — Cycle 89+


The kindergarten class is getting ready for a big art show.  Tim has a great idea for a painting and he gets to work right away, mixing paints, inks, markers, glue, and glitter. The family comes to the classroom to see his art. He lifts the sheet to reveal an abstract mess. His family doesn't get it at first, so Tim explains that the image is supposed to represent the mess he leaves in his room after playing. Mom and Dad grin because now the artwork makes perfect sense.

Full Text:

The kindergarten class was having an art show.  

Tim got the paints and splashed them on the paper.

Tim got the pen and wrote over the paint.

Tim got the markers and made thick lines.

Tim spread paste in the middle and dumped the glitter.

Mom, Dad, and Tiff came to see the art show.

Tim lifted the sheet.  

Tim smiled. Mom and Dad shrugged.  

Tiff sighed. "Tim, I can't even tell what this is!"

Tim said, "It's the mess I make when I play."


ă, /m/, /t/, ē, /s/, ĭ, /f/, /d/, /r/, /th/, ŏ, /g/, /l/, /h/, ŭ, /c/, /b/, /n/, /sh/, ā, /k/, /v/, ō, /w/, /ch/, /ar/, /er/, ĕ, /j/, /p/, -ing, /y/


This booklet is designed for kindergarten students to read independently after they have reached the cycle indicated on the cover. Students should use this to practice decoding and to develop independent reading habits. This should not be used for guided reading or for the development of content knowledge.


This file is designed to be printed, folded, stapled, and given to students as a booklet.  

  • Step 1: To print, select “print on both sides of the paper” and “flip on the short edge” in your print menu.  
  • Step 2: Fold the printed pages along the dashed line in the center, and staple on top of the three staple images on the front cover.

When one student finishes reading the booklet, you can pass it on to the next student who is ready for it.  Or you can create one copy for each student and tell them that they can color the pictures when they finish reading it.