The Cut — Cycle 57+


The Cut — Cycle 57+


The robot family is playing hide and seek in the forest. Tiff finds Tim. Tim tries to run away, but he doesn't look where he is going and runs right into a tree. He gets a cut on his arm, so the family takes a time out to help him clean it up. Tim wants to keep playing, but he promises he'll watch where he's going next time.

Full Text:

Tim hid in the grass.

See Tiff hunt.

Tiff said, "Tim is here!"  

See Tim run and hit that tree.

See Tim rub that cut.

"It is not bad," said Tim.

Mom said, "Clean that cut."

See Dad clean the cut.

Tim said, "I hid in the grass. That is fun.

But I must miss the tree if I run."


/ă/ (IPA: æ),        /m/,                  /t/,                   /ē/ (IPA: i),            /s/,                       /ĭ/ (IPA: ɪ),        

/f/,                       /d/,                   /r/,                   /th/ (IPA: ð),         /ŏ/ (IPA: ɒ),          /g/,

/l/,                        /h/,                  /ŭ/ (IPA: ʌ),      /k/,                       /b/,                       /n/,

/sh/ (IPA: ʃ),       /ā/ (IPA: eɪ),     


This booklet is designed for kindergarten students to read independently after they have reached the cycle indicated on the cover. Students should use this to practice decoding and to develop independent reading habits. This should not be used for guided reading or for the development of content knowledge.


This file is designed to be printed, folded, stapled, and given to students as a booklet.  

  • Step 1: To print, select “print on both sides of the paper” and “flip on the short edge” in your print menu.  
  • Step 2: Fold the printed pages along the dashed line in the center, and staple on top of the three staple images on the front cover.

When one student finishes reading the booklet, you can pass it on to the next student who is ready for it.  Or you can create one copy for each student and tell them that they can color the pictures when they finish reading it.