The Show Must Go On — Cycle 86+


The Show Must Go On — Cycle 86+


Mom's band is about to go on stage for their big concert, but the singer isn't there. They find out that the singer is sick, and the other members of the band are too afraid to sing in their place. Mom decides to give it her best shot, even though she had never sung in front of an audience before.  The show starts.  Mom sings while she drums. It might not be perfect, but the audience enjoys the show all the same.

Full Text:

The singer in the band is missing.

"Oh no! The singer is sick, and we have a big show!"

He said, "We need a singer, but I have a sore throat!"

She said, "I can't sing. I can't even hum!"

Mom felt nervous.  Can she sing?

She shrugged. "I will give it a go," she said.

The lights came on.

The band started picking and plucking and beating the drums.

Then Mom started singing.  The fans went wild!

Mom thought, "The show must go on!"


ă, /m/, /t/, ē, /s/, ĭ, /f/, /d/, /r/, /th/, ŏ, /g/, /l/, /h/, ŭ, /c/, /b/, /n/, /sh/, ā, /k/, /v/, ō, /w/, /ch/, /ar/, /er/, ĕ, /j/, /p/, -ing


This booklet is designed for kindergarten students to read independently after they have reached the cycle indicated on the cover. Students should use this to practice decoding and to develop independent reading habits. This should not be used for guided reading or for the development of content knowledge.


This file is designed to be printed, folded, stapled, and given to students as a booklet.  

  • Step 1: To print, select “print on both sides of the paper” and “flip on the short edge” in your print menu.  
  • Step 2: Fold the printed pages along the dashed line in the center, and staple on top of the three staple images on the front cover.

When one student finishes reading the booklet, you can pass it on to the next student who is ready for it.  Or you can create one copy for each student and tell them that they can color the pictures when they finish reading it.