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29.1 New Sound

In this task, students will learn the sound /h/ as in hit.

We strategically teach students to treat this as a stop phoneme (like /t/, /d/, and /g/). Make sure you do not stop at the arrow under the sound, and take care to make as little of a vowel sound after it as possible. It should be /h/ not /hŭh/.

29.3 The Slow-Fast Game

This task returns to segmenting and blending words that have initial blends that begin with a stop phoneme, but, this time, the instructor will not always say the word first, and the student and instructor will not always segment it simultaneously before the student attempts it solo.

29.4 Rhyming

In this task, the onsets are /m/, /s/, and /t/. All words will rhyme with /ē/.

29.5 Word Reading

This task introduces reading words with initial stop phonemes.  This can be a tricky skill for students to master because they have to learn to say the initial stop sound together with the sound that follows it without pausing between the two.

Make sure to follow the script carefully for the first word in this task so that you give students a solid introduction to this new challenge.

29.6 Finger Tracking

This task returns to finger tracking across more than two lines without arrows between the lines, but, this time, all of the images are already displayed on the lines.