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New Sound 76.1

In this task, students will learn the sound /y/ as in yes.

It is a continuous sound.  When you hold it for two seconds, you may feel like you are saying something close to /ēēē/, which is fine.

As with all other sounds, be careful not to add a vowel sound after it.  It should be /yyy/, not /yyyŭh/.

Patterns 76.3

In this task, you begin the process of teaching students about words with a Vowel-Consonant-e (-VCe) pattern. 

-VCe words are words that end with a silent e that causes the earlier vowel in the word to make a “long” sound (/ā/, /ī/, or /ō/) instead of a “short” sound (/ă/, /ĭ/, or /ŏ/). 

In this cycle, the earlier vowel in all of the words is a, so the silent e will always change the sound from /ă/ to /ā/.

Irregulars 76.4

This is the first time that students read these rhyming irregular words in a serif font instead of the specialized orthography.

Word Reading 76.5

Starting with this task, students will no longer see words fade from the specialized orthography into the serif font. From now on, students will re-read words that are already presented in the serif font.